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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 27, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and thth morning, collision course. u.s. careens towards the financial brink after a key vote on capitol hill is postponed. o our e ecomy s sti a good bet, or will america's credit really run out? good night, my angel. a father's heart-wrenching farewell to his little girl. amy winehouse's dad reveals how she found love but could not overcome her final struggle. a jury finally selected for the triall of self-proclaimed prophet warren jeffs charged with sexual assault. is he still running his church from behind bars or is his flock falling apart. danger in the water.
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no, not sharks. they're wrecking ourbeach. one wrong move and they'll paralyze you so why are they headed for your dinner plate? good morning, everyone. at first she was like i wouldn't eat anything like that and saw how it was prepared and said maybe so. >> let's take a look at matt gutman. he is brave going right into the water looking for one of those lionfish. one of those tentacles hits you, you are in big trouble. it is full of poison, but everybody says they taste pretty good. >> taste like chicken. who knows? >> default for everything. speaking of default, let's go to capitol hill right now where members of congress are starting to hear from all of you after those dueling speeches from president obama and the house speaker on monday night, the switchboards on capitol hill were besieged, overwhelmed yesterday. thousands of phone calls and
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e-mails coming in almost all of them saying, robin, just get this done. >> so only five days left on the clock, george as you know, that important vote delayed by the house speaker as we get closer to potential financial chaos. abc's jonathan karl is on capitol hill. he has been tracking all the latest for us overnight. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we are reaching crisis time here on capitol hill. the republicans delayed a vote on their bill in the house because they don't even have enough republican votes to pass their own bill. democrats don't have the votes to pass their bill either. the only thing certain up here right now is that everything is in doubt. >> we appreciate you calling. >> reporter: the calls are pouring in. plenty of outrage but like congress itself, the callers seem hopelessly divided. >> i would really like for him to hold the line against any deal in congress. >> i am calling to ask that you cooperate with the president's efforts.
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>> reporter: the whole place seems to have broken down. republicans can't even convince some of their own members to vote for the republican plan. in a closed door meeting republican leader eric cantor told fellow conservatives to "stop whining and support the bill." acknowledging "the debt limit vote sucks." across the country, that's the view of washington itself. >> no one is certainly listening to the people. >> reporter: we brought some of that outrage directly to members of congress. >> my constituents are upset with everybody. >> reporter: even you? >> yes, they want me to make the president do what he should be doing. >> reporter: a constituent of tea party joe walsh says the two sides should compromise. >> i just wish we could go back to the old days where the congress people went out and had a few drinks and talked and compromised. >> reporter: walsh says when it comes to taxes, he just won't budge. you won't compromise.
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>> no. >> reporter: nothing? >> it will kill an economy already teetering. that's the last thing we need. >> reporter: nothing less than the full faith and credit of the u.s. government is at stake in this debate and this debt mess may have reached the point that even once they get to a deal and assuming they can pass it, george, the u.s. may lose its aaa credit rating anyway. >> that would be the first time ever, okay, jon, thanks very much. what that could mean. bianna golodryga is over at the smart screen with specifics on the economic impact. good morning. >> good morning. all eyes are on these two rating agency, s&p and moody's. consens consensus, there is a 50/50 chance they'll be downgraded from aaa to aa over the next month and according to one estimate it would cost the u.s. government $100 billion a year in interest and, george, uncle sam isn't the only one who would feel the pinch. the domino effect starts as soon as that aaa rating is downgraded to aa. first up your home loan. adjustable rate mortgage rates
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could jump half a percent. for the median home loan of $172,000, that is an extra $19,000 you'd have to pay. the next chip to fall, your car loan. economists say they could spike 1% meaning if you had a $20,000 five-year loan, you're in for an extra $540. your retirement savings takes the next hit, the downgrade could cause the stock market to fall 6.3%, maybe more, say economist, a typical 401(k) investor in their 50s has $139,000 in their 401(k). so a 6.3% drop would cost them nearly $9,000. and then there's your job. a downgrade may put even that at risk of projections of 640,000 job cuts that would push unemployment up to 9.6%. the fafaest increase in over two years. now, if the u.s. is downgraded to an aa rating it would be in
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the same catatory as bermuda. slovenia which has only been independent for 21 years and kuwait, half of whose economy depends on oil. it doesn't tell the whole story, of course, our economy would still be different than nose countries but still its downgrade is not something you want to see and the markets are spooked. >> it sure is not. for more let's bring in mark zandi, the chief economist for moody's analyst ticks, the partner company of the company bianna just mentioned. thanks for joining us. you heard bianna lay that o i know you think a full default on our debt is not very likely but is some kind of downgrade now inevitable and how damaging do you think it'll be? >> i don't know for sure but they said to avoid it we need to raise the debt ceiling by next week and second to make substantive progress towards reducing future budget deficits. if we do those two things and i think we can there would be no
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reason for a downgrade. >> does it matter how long congress extends the debt ceiling for because that's one of the key differences between the house and senate bills, six months versus through the election. >> yeah, good point. you know, my sense is that it would make sense to extend the debt ceiling to the other side of the election. but if we don't, then we're just going to be in the middle of this debate again in the next few months, and it creates a great deal of uncertainty for businesses and all of us and it's not good for the economy, makes no sense, so, you know, i believe that the election should be a referendum on some of the issues we're debating here that we need to decide how to cut government spending and raise tax revenue and that's something we need to discuss in the election. >> a short-term extension more likely to get some kind of a downgrade and to get to that second part of the question, how damaging would that be? when you hear it, it just on the face of it first time ever that the u.s. loses its aaa credit rating that sounds devastating. >> yeah, it's not good. but i don't think it's the end
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of the world. i mean to give you a sense of it, the current fixed mortgage rate, going out to get a loan today, you're paying about 4.5%. i think with the dodowngrade it mit be 4.6, 4.7%. maybe as high as 4.75%. you know, that's not great and adds up to the monthly payment you have to make but not deaf stating. these things respect written in stone. we can get the aaa back in we do the right thing. >> some question whether this rating agency has enough expertise to make these kind of judgments. i want to bring in congressman darrell issa. he said "these rating agencies have no idea how to rate a $17 trillion economy like the united states. they have no idea how to rate the debt worthiness of a $14 trillion debt like the united states." how do you respond? >> what global investors think, they're the ones that put their money on the line and determine
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what interest rates we pay and listen to lots of different opinions in the rating agency is one but they make up their own minds and ultimately the ones that policymakers, congressmen and administration have to satisfy. >> does this get solved before tuesday, real quickly? >> i am confident we'll make the right choices and policymakers understand we don't want to drive this car over the cliff. makes to sense and more than that, i don't think we're too far apart. if you listen to both side, there is a lot of commonality in what they're saying. we just got to get it done and get it together and i think if history is any guide we will. >> thanks very much, mark. warnings this morning about a new threat tied to osama bin laden. before he was killed, the terrorist leader wanted to get an al qaeda cell in somalia to strike inside this country. he focused on this network after learning some of the fighters had ties to thehe u.s. and may hold american passports.
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abc's pierre thomas is in washington with the latest on this. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. there's a dangerous new front in the war on terror. one with direct implications for the u.s. homeland. abc news has learned that before he died, osama bin laden was secretly urging al qaeda's affiliate in somalia, known as al shabab to target the u.s. the reason why he was so focused on somalia he knew many americans of somalian de scent went to fight a war there alongside islamic radicals. at least 40 somali-americans have fought there including at least three suicide bombers. >> they know our weak points. >> reporter: they have come from across the country, california, minnesota, illinois, missouri, new york, new jersey, virginia, alabama, texas. king who chairs the committee,
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is holding a hearing to raise concerns about al shabab. he and others have a blunt warning, al shabab in somalia is a clear and present danger. >> al shabab continues to call for strikes against the united states. at a result, we can thought and will not let our guard down. >> reporter: and there is disturbing evidence that the somali group is forging an unholy alliance with another extremely aggressive al qaeda affiliate in yemen. the one responsible for the failed christmas day underwear bomb plot of 2009 and another plan to blow up u.s. cargo planes last year. a senior al shabab leader was captured and was found planning weapons and explosives training. we learned chairman king will announce as many as two dozen american al shabab members are unaccounted for, robin. >> all right, pierre, thank you very much. now, a tearful farewell abroad. >> in london where friends and family said good-bye to amy winehouse. as the singer's album sales soar
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fundamental her memory her father broke down after eulogizing the daughter he called his angel. nick watt joins us with more. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, there's an amy winehouse album back in the billboard top ten this weekend. here in london as you mentioned a very intimate funeral for the troubled young singer who perhaps just couldn't handle her talent and fame. ♪ so far away ♪ doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore ♪ >> reporter: amy's favorite song carole king's "so far away" played for family and those who knew her best. among them, producer mark ronson and close friend kelly osbourne. >> kelly was wearing a blond beehive in tribute of her friend. >> reporter: a short and extraordinary life. >> she changed the face and the sound of pop music in her time.
7:13 am
lady gaga said that her fame, her success opened the door for people who kind of looked and sounded different. >> reporter: for winehouse it ended like this, her final solo show just last month. ♪ >> she was very troubled and she had, you know, very bad problems with addiction, but there is another side of her that those closest to her really, you know, cherished. amy's dad said that amy was actually very happy in her last days. >> reporter: he said she'd kicked drugs with the help of her boyfriend as wane trying to quit alcohol. she told her dad just days ago, i've had enough. i can't stand the look on your and the family's faces anymore. toxicology test results will take weeks so her cause of death is still unknown. >> unfortunately, one way to become immortal in music is to make one great album and then die. it make force kind of a great legend but a terrible life.
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>> reporter: amy's father's closing words were these "good night, my angel, sleep tight. mummy and daddy love you ever so much." now, during her life amy winehouse was apparently very generous with her friends, very generous with her wealth and her father is setting up a amy winehouse foundation to help those among others who suffer from substance abuse. >> maybe some good can come of it. >> hopefully so. good morning, josh. >> good morning, george and robin. we begin with developing news in a man with explosives hidden inside his turbine has assassinated the mayor of kandahar. the brother of the president was assassinated in that city two weeks ago. this in south korea where the heavy everest downpours in a century have triggered massive mud slides killing nearly two
7:15 am
dozen people. 15 inches of rain in one day turned streets into rivers flooding at least 800 houses and another ten inches could fall before friday. meanwhile, here at home, congressman david wu now says that he will resign in the wake of a sex scandal. the seven-time oregon democrat is accused of an unwanted sexual encoununr with the 18-year-old daughter of a campaign donor. after her exclusive interview with abc news, the hotel maid who accuses dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault is reportedly meeting with prosecutors today. sources tell "the new york post" that nafissatou diallo will try to revive her case by explaining inconsistencies. a marathon in the majors. the braves needed 19 innings to get past the pirates. >> that was terrible. >> after 6 1/2 hours, the ump said upon further review perhaps
7:16 am
he wasn't safe. to be safe you'd actually have to get to home plate. >> oh, my god. >> yeah, it was dreadful. >> i know. i know. >> mile and a lf. >> yes, at least. finally, experts say a mountain lion found in connecticut, a very rare occurrence actually didn't escape from a local zoo. not by a long shot. dna testing now confirms that it walked all the way to connecticut from south dakota roamamg through minnesota and wisconsin on its way. that's about 1,800 miles, roughly the -- >> how do they determine that. >> dna testing? >> how is it possible? >> possible, you're going to have to talk to the mountain lion which will be very tough. it's a remarkable story, one of the longest treks by a land mammal ever recorded. >> sam, what do you think of that? >> i think it's amazing, but, george, we've got something even more amazing to talk about. we've got a tropical depression to talk about.
7:17 am
we could have one by the end of the day today out of a tropical wave. now, when is that a good thing? we'll show you what's going on. there is a part of this country that's trapped into a dangerous pattern of heat and drought and this tropical system, if it remains weak, could be a shifter and a big differencemaker in that area in texas, oklahoma and maybe even into arkansas and louisiana. we will watch this very carefully for possible developments today. we, of course, never want a bad tropical system or a powerful tropical system anywhere. quick look at where the heat is right back in the middle of the country. those numbers go to 90 and above today.
7:18 am
78 degrees at reagan airport this hour and the north and west. gaithersburg is at 66 and the same up in frederick. it is dry and will remain so for days the highe of coastre will move off the the southeturn out of and west and that will allow the humidity to move into area for the day tomorrow. 88-92 today with winds of the no >> tropical systems always carry their own bad news but it would take something like this to bust that big drought and heat wave in the deep south, robin. >> all right, sam, thank you. now to a dramatic plot twist for netflix. just days after announcing a
7:19 am
major price hike that angered a lot of customer, the company's stock price and image took a big hit. abc's david wright has the coming attractions and the latest on the competitors waiting in the wings. >> reporter: they're an internet movie start-up suddenly behaving like "the godfather." >> i'll make him an offer he can't refuse. >> reporter: raising prices 60%. expecting movie loving customers simply to accept things without questioning. >> my momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. >> thinking they'll roll after and take it and keep smiling like forrest gump. >> i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take in anymore. >> it means netflix suddenly losing next quarter 30% or more of their client base. >> reporter: the truth can be tough to swallow. >> you want answers. >> i want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth. >> reporter: people can't handle the truth that it costs money to
7:20 am
keep this business alive and if they want movies inside of 30 day, if they want these new releases and not just old movies then they have to cough up a little money here. >> reporter: the truth is netflix is under serious pressure from wall street. >> i need to feel you, jerry. show me the money. better show me the money. >> the same way netflix is telling customers to show me the money. >> reporter: but as apple, amazon and walmart offer stronger competition that won't necessarily be the case forever. >> this is a big risk they're taking. built up all this capital literally in money and customer base and now they can said like rhett butler in "gone with the wind." >> frankly my dear, i don't give a damn. >> reporter: for abc news, david wright, hollywood. >> taking us down memory lane. >> we'll see what happens. coming up a jury selected for the trial of cult leader warren jeffs. we'll talk live to one of the first women to bring charges
7:21 am
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning to you at 7:26 wednesday, july 27. i am cynne simpson with your update and let's
7:27 am
commute with lisa baden. metrorail is a normal schedule. better than average southbound out of germantown. we had a very short delay. on the inner loop at the metro, there was a toor crash that was moved shoulder right away and the leaving college park as a normal backup. -- has a normal backup. virginia drivers, northbound 95 improving out of fredericksburg to springfield. improving out of springfieldrg to 78 degrees right now at reagan national airport. a comparable morning with temperatures in the 70's. -- a comfortable morning with the 70' in
7:28 am
showers it will come across to later this weekend. the heat and humidity are coming back. today in the upper 80's and tonight falling into the 60's. near 100 for the day on friday. a respected mount rainier himselffficer found to the side of the grand jury and by -- onicted the officer murder and other charges. the charges stem from a shooting in capitol heights earlier this month. named police officer of the year. we will be back with another update at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8.
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7:30 am
[ plague the theme to "jaws" ] >> you know it right there. lionfish look so pretty, but they are killers. and here's thele problem, they've infested our atlantic coasts eating up all the other fish, what to do about it? send matt gutman. he went down in there trying to hunt down some lionfish and caught them himself and cooked them because that is the solution that a lot of officials think is the answer. make it a delicacy. look at matt. >> a man for the job. george, i just got a tweet and it says, morning, robin, we have the lionfish on pizza. it was yummy. >> on pizza. >> this is what cleo says, on pizza. everybody is typing a way to do it. would you put yourself in a deep freeze if it meant you
7:31 am
could come back to life later? well, we'll look at the growing controversy over cryogenics. >> shaking her head, no way, not going to do it. this is the founder of the movement. just died. bob woodruff will interest that. tori spelling grew up on "90210" and now raising her kids on tv on "home sweet hollywood." juju sat down with her. love the title of this "mommywood." >> you do like it so juju will be back with us later. right to the cult leader heading to trial for his alleged sexual assault on two underaged girls. warren jeffs is the head of a polygamist sect that was raided by texas authorities back in 2008. now, a jury has finally been selected for the high-profile case. abc's andrea canning has more on that. >> reporter: he's the controversial self-proclaimed prophet and polygamist. >> your money, your time, your everything, your families belong
7:32 am
to the prophet. >> reporter: who gained notoriety for having 70 wives and believing outside world is evil. so much notoriety he's finding it hard to get a fair trial in texas. the leader of a mormon splinter group is facing charges he sexually assaulted two underage girls he married. he pleaded not guilty but on the second day of jury selection more than 100 would-be jurors could no longer presume he 'innocent. a jury was finally selected last night. >> looks like we should begin with the opening statements and evidentiary portion of the trial next week. i think it's moving at a pretty good pace. >> reporter: the accusations stem from a 2008 raid on an flds ranch. hundreds of children were taken away for over to months. jeffs has been accused of being with girls as young as 12. both alleged victims in this case along with 76 women have been called to testify. >> these people will not testify unless they are apprehended by law enforcement and dragged
7:33 am
kicking and screaming into this court. >> reporter: many believe jeffs is still running the church that once had over 10,000 members from his jail cell. two texas sheriffs confirmed to abc news that jeffs spent $23,000 on phone cards in five months. they believe he's directing church members over the phone. his following is believed to be as strong as ever. >> i don't think that his incarceration has in any way diminished his status. it has elevated his status because it has made him a martyr for the cause. >> reporter: and former flds members say he has a powerful grip. >> he is their god. he's told these people, i am jesus christ. >> you don't do anything except do what you're told. >> reporter: in 2007 jeffs was found guilty in utah of being an accomplice to rape but the conviction was overturned by an appellate court. in texas, he now faces life behind bars. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, los
7:34 am
angeles. >> we're going to talk more about this with elissa wall, she is a former member of the church and follower of warren jeffs. her 2008 account of breaking away is called "stolen innocence" and she joins us now live. elissa, thank you very much. i know this is a bit different from the case that you had against him and you believe this trial is going to shock the world. why? >> yes, i do. i think this is an opportunity for people to see firsthand the actual crimes that warren jeffs himself has committed and not that he has been an accomplice to and it will shock the world, the evidence that comes out. >> the community is so tight knit. they have stood behind him through thick and thin. what do you think would happen to them if he has to spend the rest of his life in jail? >> that's an interesting question because i think it would cause a problem for the people. they will always continue to believe him until he either dies
7:35 am
or something else happens because it goes against their religion to denounce him. >> we know so very little about him but you know so much more. he was the principal of your school. just give us some insight that we're not aware of about him? >> yes sh, he was a principal a cultured a lot of my views. one, now that i understand more about him he did display a lot of narcissistic behavior. he was much like a prince in our community only he was the mouthpiece of god because god was in our prophet. and he had a lot -- he commanded a lot of respect and we all feared him very much. >> but you got out, elissa. you're now married. you have two children. what happened for you? >> yes, i was able to get out but it was a struggle. many people don't understand that the people within these closed communities can't just walk out of them. it takes a choice. you're going against your entire
7:36 am
life. everything you've ever known and because of the religious rhetoric we've had, we often believe that we're damned to hell by making the choice to leave that community. >> it must be difficult for you. i know you have twoali and sherry that remain with the flds sect. how difficult is it for to you have contact with them? >> i sadly have no contact with my younger sisters or any of my family that is still within the flds community and it is very difficult for them. my whole object and goal and even coming forward with my story was to potentially save them from the realities that they faced as far as young brides within this community and sadly i have never been able to make that contact or make sure that they didn't suffer the same that i did. >> but you were able to get out. i know it's very sad, though, when you think of your family but, elissa, you have shed a lot of light for many of us to have a better understanding and hope that you're doing well. >> i am. thank you very much. >> all right.
7:37 am
you take care. it is now time now for the weather and sam champion is in a super secret location yet again all part of our "my beautiful place" event. you were supposed to come back but said it was too cloudy, i have to stay an extra day to make sure. boondoggle, my friend. boondoggle. >> okay. >> yes. >> my point was don't you want to see the beauty and we can't shoot it in clouds. we should stay another day and i was only thinking of the show, robin >> that's true, sam. >> here we are yet again in the super secret location. all this will be revealed in august when we air the series but let's get to the boards. a lot to talk about. pictures out of the strong storms in massachusetts, new york state, pretty powerful boom that's went through and a lot of wind damage, 65-mile-per-hour winds, heavy rain, even hailstones there. trees were down owl after over. you benefit with 84 in new york city, boston, 79. it's a better feeling but that heat comes right back in. let's get to the boards and show
7:38 am
you where the stronger storms are rolling. rapid city, omaha, minneapolis, chicago, kansas city, all of these areas have the potential of seeing those storms so stay with your local abc stations. lots of sunshine today and the wind will start to change direction tonight. tomorrow it will be a bit more >> this super secret and very beautiful location we are wrapping our shoot here today and we'll be back in new york tomorrow. robin. >> we miss you, sam. that's what i was trying to say. coming up next, what's more hazardous, hunting the poisonous lionfish or eating it? we'll show you why we sent matt gutman to do both.
7:39 am
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down happy meals with little kids. today abc's matt gutman is hunting down a much more rare delicacy, the lionfish, poisonous predator wiping out other fish on the atlantic coast so people have cooked up a plan to get people to eat lionfish. >> reporter: they may look like underwater peacocks all feather and plume by lionfish as they're known are deadly. these spines are filled with poisonous venom and now this invasive species from the pacific is wreaking havoc on our atlantic coast devouring local fish from the caribbean to the carolinas and wrecking reefs in the process and with no predators, wildlife experts say only one thing can stop them, the dinner plate. turns out these venomous creatures are delicious but to catch one of these elusive species you have to find them first. what i want to know is are we
7:44 am
going to find lionfish? >> i hope so. >> reporter: pete matthews is a miami-based spear fisherman who's case some of them and determined to make a lionfish hunter out of me. >> you pull it back like you're pulling a bow and arrow. >> reporter: the reason the spear is so long we want to stay far away from these fish. >> we don't want any of those barbs to hit us whatsoever. would basically paralyze us underwater and we would drawn. >> reporter: a bad way to go. s we splash in and within seconds spot our first lionfish hiding in the canyon wall. i shoot and miss. and miss some more. so does he. it turns out killing these critters is not easy. after a break, we descend back to the reef. lionfish, here we come. the struggle continues and finally in this round of man
7:45 am
versus fish, man wins. it was an epic battle. i got him. he was inside ray rock and i didn't mow if i had him or not. kept twisting, twisting. i haul my trophy fish out, but there's just one problem, it still alive. >> you can see the venom coming out. >> reporter: that's venom coming out of it. >> see that red, that's the venom coming out. >> reporter: he's in full defense mode right now. >> oh, yeah, he's like you kill me, i kill you. >> reporter: but how do you eat a venomous fish which isn't quite dead yet? >> hey, matt. >> reporter: you've got to take it to a top chef, which is why i went to see michele. >> oh, my goodness gracious. >> reporter: at one her restaurants senora martinez in miami. >> reporter: you can see the venom dripping off. >> i don't think it's poisonous unless it hits you. >> reporter: her recipe for taming it, stuff it in ice to make sure it's dead.
7:46 am
then fillet it. >> this is actually beautiful meat. >> reporter: sashimi? >> i have a little of this asian fish sauce. three minutes later, voila, time to eat. here we go. >> reporter: okay, i'm excited. >> it's really good. >> it's really good. how good? >> i want to see how i can get this fish on my menu. >> reporter: matt gutman, back on the hunt in miami. >> loooo like he had a lot of fun with that. super summer travel deals just for "gma" viewers. see where we can help you go for a little bit less. [ girl ] bye mom! bye sweetie! you'll do great. [ laughs ] this is it! [ all ] 10...9...8... a new school year has so much potential! any resolutions? my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1... happy school year!
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7:51 am
relative and it's all about -- >> so '80s. >> in washington. take a listen. ♪ raise the debt ceiling raise the debt ceiling raise the debt ceiling ♪ ♪ 14 million a day. dropping 100 dollar bills ♪ ♪ ain't got no medicare trust fund ♪ >> someone will make some money out of this. >> robin, your thoughts? >> we'll be back right after this. hey can i play with the toys ? sure, but let me get a little information first. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time.
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7:56 am
still ahead on "gma," tori spelling opens up about living in "mommywood." still ahead spelling opens up about living in "mommywood." >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and the time is 7:56 thomas wednesday, july 27. we will begin by looking at the roads. on the inner loop of get to tyson's, an accident is gone. eastbound 66 has a brand new act to 123. that is out of fear of into vienna. we'll take you live and to show
7:57 am
on 395 to the 14th street bridge. this is closer to the pentagon will show you the pace be on. let's go to college park. we had a crash and the inner between route 1 and which has beenue taken care of. the inner loop looks good. we are looking at a nice comfortable, and not as in it. upper 80's 2 lorton 90's and tonight there will be some high clouds and temperatures fall into the 60's. tomorrow, a bit warmer and a bit humid, 90-95 degrees. near 100 degrees on friday and saturday a chance for showers on sunday. metro bismarck and the the martinening of
7:58 am
memorial.g jr. they are issuing special one day passes with an image of the monument on them. the memorial opens august 22. >> we will be back at 8:25. for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ playing the theme to "sex and the city" ] just hearing that -- >> brings you back. >> all of a sudden it's sunday evening. four of the most well-known characters ever to emerge from new york now getting another shot at the big screen. whole new look so who's the next c carrie bradshaw? the inside scoop just ahead. >> i was thinking what will play out? >> i love that. >> we'll hold that tease for now
8:01 am
and get to the fight over freezing. you've heard about cryogenics, right? this whole idea after you die you can freeze yourself, be brought back to life. the founder of the movement died this week and brought the whole debate back into play. we'll meet a family that's divided right down the middle about this question, should you freeze or not? can you have a normal life if you've grown up on tv? we watched tori spelling grow up on "beverly hills 90210" and now her toddlers are front and center on her reality show. we check in with her and talk about her life both on and off camera. >> a little bit off camera. okay, lara. thanks, josh and the news. good morning to all of you. we'll begin with the standoff now raising the nation's debt limit. it is intensifying in washington. the deadline less than one week away and house speaker john boehner has been forced to delay a vote because fellow republicans are demanding more spending cuts. democrats, meanwhile, still say the plan has no chance of passing the senate.
8:02 am
only a short-term solution that could destabilize the markets. travel warning for americans heading overseas. a possible attack following osama bin laden's death. intelligence officials are also warning that al qaeda in somalia has emerged as a significant threat. and the tragic end to the life of a u.s. olympic skier. police say jeret "speedy" peterson died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in utah. he one silver at the 2010 games known for his so-called hurricane jump. he recently battled alcohol and depression issues and was charged with dui. pet peterson was 29 years old. to the story of a young boy who tumbled down a cliff in oregon while hiking with his family. very some frightening moments until his dad's parental ink assistants kicked in and saved the day. emanuel vasquez is you will smiles as he rides his three-whiler. >> for him it seems like nothing happened.
8:03 am
>> reporter: days ago during a family outing to viller falls state park in oregon, he fell nearly 70 feet down this steep cliff near a massive waterfall. >> where is your emergency? >> the south falls we had a little kid who just went over the side. >> how far did he fall? >> probably 60 feet. >> 60, 6-0. >> 6-0. all the way to the bottom. >> how old is he? >> i gave him his drink and i put mine down and as soon i was putting it down i heard him say, look, mommy, i'm sitting down. as soon as i turned he was over. >> it was a one-second thing, we lost sight of him and saw him fall down. >> so i started screaming i don't know what to do. >> reporter: but the boy's father did. he jumped the railing without hesitation. >> i don't know where i was going to land, i just instinct -- >> reporter: a witness snapped this picture. he said he slid as fast as he could until he reached his son. they stopped and he just held on hoping to avoid the base of the
8:04 am
nearly 200-foot falls. some bystanders already at the bottom helped them down safely. amazingly emanuel suffered only a few scratches. all the more remarkable, his dad instantly overcame a very intense fear of heights to leap over that railing and slide those 70 feet to rescue him. all dads and moms certainly will understand. now herere our diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hey, josh, good morning to you. so could a 49-year-old american woman be, in fact, the most stressed out person in the whole country? shortening her life? why and what can we do to help her? you have to watch tonight on "world news" and we'll see you then. >> all right, diane. that is a look at the headlines at about 4 1/2 past the hour. robin, george? >> getting hot over here. >> it's real hot. >> we know it is hot over there. >> oh really. is it hot in here or is it just the pop newss heat index.
8:05 am
let's find out. this first story is burning up the internet. looks pretty good, guy, that there will in fact be a third "sex and the city" movie. none of the actresses that made the series famous will reportedly be in it. instead the next installment will be a prequel following the characters through their teenage years and early 20s. "sex and the city" creator candace bushnell included blake lively as the young samantha, emma roberts as miranda and elizabeth olsen, the sister of the olsen twins under consideration for the role of carrie and selena gomez. it sounds like it will be big. >> yeah, okay. >> okay, our next story about a sea monster scaring folks on the beach. listen up. do you hear it? come on. [ playing theme to "jaws" ] >> oh, yeah. okay, it wasn't jaws getting too close to the italian shoreline. it was just director steven
8:06 am
spielberg's other baby. his huge $360 million luxury yacht. gwyneth paltrow on board witnessing him get slapped with a fine of 172 euros but instead of saying catch me if you can, captain steven made good by signing autographs and paying fines for his close encounter of the -- >> oh, no. >> someone had too much today. >> went too far with that. >> moving on to pippa middleton. pippa middleton who stole the show at her sister's wedding. she's about to steal another show. her own. crazy about pippa airing on tlc next month guaranteed to be outrageously popular. i really do think this show will be a major hit. folks are so enamored with pippa, we now are hearing that it is one of the most popular names, pippa and the more formal
8:07 am
philipippa. the hottest baby name of the year by the website yam namesbu. what's wrong with kate. this is big news, i mean big. a fabulous new arrival at the zoo in atlanta. the sweet little newborn giraffe came into the world measuring at six feet tall. the same as josh's height and now the vet is confirming the newborn is in fact a girl. no name yet.t. she's doing really well but you know, it's her mom we think deserves the shshtout. her name is appropriately mona and she's doing just fine after enduring 15 months of pregnancy and that is what's happening in your pop news heat index. >> who needs a veterinary team.
8:08 am
look at those eyelashes. >> prettier eyelashes than me. >> don't be so modest. >> okay, i won't. >> you know who's got the most beautiful eyes, in one of the most beautiful places in america and that's our sam champion. hey, sam. >> yeah, but, robin, it's a secret till august until we do the big reveal. super secret locate. to the tropics, a lot to talk about. could a tropical depression forming today and we think it's got about an 80% chance that it will be the answer and there it is in the circle of suspicion right there. here's what the models do with it. could it be the thing that breaks the drought and the heat wave that goes on into the deep south and texas, oklahoma, arkansas, iowa be a part of this, louisiana, as well. we don't want a strong tropical system but getting a system like that to bring cooler temperatures and moister to 75% of the state of texas is in the highest level of drought and look at those red and arrange zone, this area is really facing
8:09 am
a disaster if we get through the summer without changing this situation around. and a tropical system could be what does it. we'll watch it very, very carefully. meanwhile, after the storms it's nice in the northeast today. the heat comes back thursday. consistently cool on the west coast and will stay that way, 78 in l.a. today. 92 in orlando. lower humidity levels and sunshine and upper 80's today. we will fall into the 60's. the humiditynk up heat, 90-95 degrees. winds will be out of the south around 5-10 miles per hour. friday, 100 degrees for daytime highs. >> more of america's weather coming up. oh, lara, your locate, you
8:10 am
almost gave it away on twitter yesterday. are you going to give us it today. >> that was called a clue and it was a misleading clue, i'm going to just admit. all right. here's what's coming up on our "gma" morning menu. would you put yourself into a deep freeze austin powers style if you could come back to life? we'll take a look at the controversial science of cryogenics. a trip to "mommywood" where celebrity mom tori spelling is raising her toddlers on reality tv. we go behind the scenes there. and some crazy new hairstyles that men and women are wearing. would you do this? coming up on "gma." hi parents, it's going to o such a big school year.
8:11 am
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back now with the promise of eternal life. now that i've got your attention, here's the story. a pioneer in cryogenics, the idea that people should be frozen after death so they can be revived in the future died this week at the age of 92. now he is on ice and abc's bob woodruff is here with a look at this man and his controversial movement. >> reporter: he on ice already. robert ettinger was a big believer if you can come back to life as long as you freeze your body and brain immediately after you die. and he did exactly that. >> a legend in his own time. >> reporter: when you hear the word cryonics or cryogenics you might think of austin powers. >> where am i? >> you've been cryogenically frozen for 30 years. >> reporter: walt disney or ted williams. >> ted williams. >> reporter: the baseball icon who was famously frozen after he died with the hope that someday in the future advances in science and technology can bring
8:16 am
him back to life. it's a movement founded in the 1960s by this man, robert ettinger. inspired by a science fiction story he read, he founded the cryonics truth in this n nondescript office building in quentin township, michigan. inside over 100 people float inside giant bottles filled with nitrogen at temperatures colder than negative 130 degrees celsius hoping one day in the future some doctor will revive them. now the pioneer of cryonics has joined them as patient 106. >> this is our cooling box. my father is in the box right now. >> reporter: he died last week and now rests here peacefully next to his mother ria, his first wife's lane and his second wife may. >> my father's was he and his family and friends get a chance to live longer and to take advantage of the promise of future technology. he believed like a lot of people do that in the future we're
8:17 am
going to have dramatically greater medical technology and the question is how do you get them from here to there and cryonics is kind of an ambulance to the future. >> reporter: and as the saying goes, the apples don't fall far from the tree. >> i intended to do this, as well. my wife does and i'm very happy that we were able to do this for my father. >> reporter: for about 30,000 bucks you can too. currently there are over 200 people in frozen state at cryonic centers in the u.s. some 2,000 have signed up for it. scientists are freezing endangered animal species at this virtual frozen zoo in louisiana. >> we have gorillas and rhino, tigers, lions, frozen in little tiny straws. >> reporter: and people are also freezing their pets. then there's the debate, freeze the whole body or just the head. it even had the golden girls baffled. >> how can you still be alive. you have to be 200 by now. >> no, i died a long time ago. >> reporter: how did you get a body so fast.
8:18 am
>> you didn't tip the guy? >> reporter: the controversy and spooky science did little to dissuade ettinger from selling the dream and little to prevent ordinary americans from buying into the cryogenic craze. robert hanson is signed up to go to the alcor life extension foundation in arizona. the same facility as ted williams. when he passes on. >> like most medical technologies, this is a chance to live a little longer. it's not a guarantee. it doesn't mean i believe that it's sure to work or even that it's likely to work but i think the chance of it working is high enough for the cost. >> reporter: his wife peggy doesn't buy it. she gave us the cold shoulder when we asked her to talk about calling into question the phrase till death do us part. >> my wife and i don't have to talk about it unless somebody brings the subject up. basically we don't talk about
8:19 am
it. >> reporter: while he waits for his objections to thaw out, for now his dilemma is when he'll want to come back from the dead. >> do i want them to bring me back as soon as they have a chance or do i want them to wait a while until they're really sure he can bring me back? i think they want them to try to bring me back as soon as possible. >> of course, the majority of people think it's just weird science but david ettinger told his father's legacy will be vindicated one day and when the science catches up with his dad's idea from 30 yearsrs ago, his father will be back to tell us all i told you so. >> that would be some moment. i love this whole idea, bob, $30,000 for the whole body but there's also a discount option. >> that's for the entire body and the head. if you want to save you can just have your head frozen not along with your body. my wife is so cheap i think i'm only going to get my head. >> please, no. >> don't give ali any ideas. thanks very much. your turn to weigh in. would you have your body
8:20 am
cryogenically frozen after death? vote now on your smartphone or go to abcnews.s.m/gma. i think i know your vote. >> i think we were sharing that earlier. now behind the scenes with one of hollywood's celebrity moms. tori spelling, no stranger to the camera. her father was a tv titan of the she came of age on air and now he's's raising her children on screen but tori says she discuss wants to be a normal mom. >> reporter: we all know fame is that double-edged sword and tori spelling knows firsthand how painful it can be to grow up in the cruel glare of the spotlight yet as a mother of two with a third on the way she's turning that spotlight into her greatest tool in building a mommy mogul empire but it raises the question how will her kids react to the harsh limelight? ♪ >> i'm clark gable.
8:21 am
>> i'm going to be like a very pregnant jean harlow. >> reporter: just another day in tori spelling's living room. >> charlie chaplin and shirley temple. >> reporter: the family is all glammed up for a cover shoot for "parenting" magazine. >> love that. >> reporter: her reality tv crew captures it all. cameras on them. cameras on the cameras and our cameras on their cameras. it's tori's life imitating art, imitating life. welcome to "mommywood." >> "mommywood" means being a mom, doing it like everybody else but being in that fish bowl with the eyes all around you. >> reporter: for tori "mommywood" is not fake because it's not perfect. >> love it. >> reporter: it's a place where your living room is not only filled with lights and makeup artists but also the occasional farm animals. the veritable zoo has everything to do with the other tori spelling. the one whose reality show "home sweet hollywood" depicts her
8:22 am
raising her kids hollywood but wholesome. >> it's a boy. >> are you serious. >> reporter: an earth mother with silicone implants supply got my boobs done -- shall i say breasts. >> whatever you want. >> if my early 20s. if i known it could or would impact the production of milk i never would have had them done. these don't matter. >> reporter: the realities of life as a hollywood mother are a far cry from the role that made her famous starring in the '90s hit that glam rised growing up in hollywood, "beverly hills 90210." >> i didn't plan to get drunk. >> reporter: why is it so important to you to be a normal mom. >> i don't know. i guess that's my hangup that i constantly am trying to get past because i think as an actor, as a celebrity, you are viewed differently. >> reporter: and treated differently. just last month tori got into a
8:23 am
car accident evading paparazzi who were stalking her at elementary school drop-off. she hit a wall as seen in this tmz photo. was the crash actually caused by the paparazzi? >> the bottom line is the car accident was caused by me. was it induced because of paparazzi? yes. he was trying to take pictures. i was trying to back out to get away. i didn't want him to take a picture of the kids getting out or the school and i hit a wall. >> reporter: it smus have shaern you up. >> yes, i was frozen. my first thing was check on my kids, make sure they're fine, the second thing i was really embarrassed because i felt like -- i feel like i try really hard to fit in and to be a normal mom and here i am bringing this upon the other moms. >> reporter: success meant that tori spelling spent years seeing details of her life plaster add cross the pages of glossy gossip magazines. most famously when she had an affair with the married man who later became her husband and after her father worth roughly 500 million died he left tori
8:24 am
$800,000. so together with her new husband dean mcdermott she launched a hit reality show title ed idea be are y"tori & dean:in inn lov" >> you're angry about the paparazzi stalking you and taking pictures of your kids but yet you have reality cameras in your home and i'm very quick to say that's completely different. you know, the cameras are in ourhome. it's a welcome crew. if i saw any impact to them i would be done. >> reporter: tori has resolved the public feud with her biggest critic, her mother. what unlocked that door. the kids. >> the kids and especially at their age. when they were babies it wasn't, you know, it was important but now they ask for her. they want to be with grandma and
8:25 am
when i see her doing things with the kid, it reminds me of like, oh, my gosh, i remember when she did that with me. she was giving me butterfly kisses one day and i was thinking the same thing and she said, do you remember and i said, yeah, and -- oh, my god, it was really nice. so i think you get to have a whole new relationship with your parents through your children and i think that's a really nice experience. >> reporter: why does that make you emotional? >> because it's my mom, you know, and no matter what has happened or has been said, you still -- you love your parent no matter what. the parent loves the child no matter what. >> to. ori's emotional interview is part of a prime time "nightline" special and i sat down with denise richards also who talked candidly about a single pore and how she tries to shield her daughters from their dad's dramas and opens up about all the craziness that night at the plaza hotel and she was actually
8:26 am
at the dinner where the craziness began and her kids were across the hall. >> her children were there. she had to be very protective of that. >> that's her number one priority. i asked her why do you think he invited you. >> she said it started as a amelie vacation. we went to the american girl doll store and it ended -- >> he didn't want her to be left out. >> exactly. isn't that kind of sweet. interesting that you can laugh about it now. >> she recently adopted. >> absolutely and we got to meet the baby. she is so adorable. named after her late mother and she is a little tiny baby. she says it took a two-year process. i asked her why adopt. she said, i love babies and i'm not going to wait around for a man to move forward in her life. she is part black, part hispanic, and all gorgeous. >> thanks, juju. that's going to be tonight. a prime time "nightline" special. "celebrity secrets, mommywood" 10:00, eastern tonight.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> and good morning to you. i am cynne simpson at 8:27. a checklisa baden with on traffic. along the wilson bridge is bad out oft kenilworth avenue from cheverly. a brief delay expected after the on the dulles toll maryland, here is a picture of traffic across american legion bridge. this is normal. that is leaving river road to the bridge into tyson's. springfield looks much better. eastbound 66 had an accident
8:28 am
near 123. the shoulder but delays from 7100 to the beltway. until tomorrow and friday, we will really crank up humidity.nd good withnoon looks sunshine and upper lower 90's. tonight, temperatures fall into lower 70's and a bit more uncomfortable the next days, friday 100 degrees. couple of degrees cooler on saturday and a chance for showers on sunday and monday. check out the latest updated forecast. we have a health alert -- nile virus has been discovered in the district. officials say the disease found in mosquitoes samples taken in cleveland park, woodley park, and adams morgan.
8:29 am
are urged to be careful even though the risk of is low.n have another update at 8:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8.
8:30 am
♪ i think we're alone now ♪ i think we're alone now >> the '80s. you can't forget tiffany. she shot to fame singing in malecon certificates and debbie gibson, she topped charts at just 16. >> and they are back together now and they're going to be here for our summer concert series live in central park on friday morning, big event. minus the shoulder pads. >> oh, i hope not. >> yes. that's in mymywheelhouse. >> that hair, beautiful. >> own it, baby. >> absolutely.
8:31 am
ahead, some feel it's not too late to plan a getaway especially with the deals that tory has found for you. our "gma" viewers and i guess one of them includes a tent. >> have a big old getaway. >> some hot toys that you can give to your kids to keep them cool in the dead of summer. becky worley checking them out. how good is the slip and slide? >> not just for kids anymore. >> no, that's true. >> but first robin. >> i love your haircut. let me just say that i noticed that at the beginning of the week and we're going to bring in bianna golodryga. >> yeah. >> because we're talking this morning. you didn't notice any of what was going on with my hair. >> can you get the close up. >> you have it right here. the new trend. >> it's called feathering. >> my daughter kate had them. >> i thought i saw her with them. >> it's a big deal. >> you know, hairstyles aren't just about ponytails.
8:32 am
people are shelling out a lot of deal to get feathers and oh, yeah, a whole lot more. ♪ >> this summer everyone is flipping out for the latest salon trend from feathers to pops of color. i decided to hit the streets and check out the hottest look for your locks. here at have von v in new york city the owner and her team of stylists gave me a peek at what's sweeping the hollywood scene. the first is the ombre. can you tell us what you're doing with her hair. >> we did the ombre which is gradually darkening from roots to end. >> reporter: made popular by sara jessica parker she opted for a less dramatic approach. >> i think i'll continue it. >> go bolder? >> i'll probably go a bit bolder
8:33 am
but i really want the depths and dark brown around my face. >> reporter: next up feather extensions. everyone from selena gomez to steven tyler to hilary duff are rocking this bohemian style and it's getting hotter by the second. a trend i wanted to try myself. you know, i guess i figured the feather look was just a clip you attached to your head. it's a lot more detailed than that. >> yeah, they're actually very permanent. they can last between two to four months depending on your hair. >> reporter: and very durable. this can withstand daily washing and heat from curling irons. coming in a variety of colors they come in any look. the trend is becoming so popular they are sold out everywhere. even in the tackle shop here. >> as you can see we're running extremely low, normally this would be a much wider selection. >> reporter: with supply and demand so high, salon v had to raise their price from $40 to 60
8:34 am
bucks for a bundle of five feathers. i got my feathers. i'm going to fly away. feathers used by fishermen are flying out of salons we wondered what on earth could be next. we turned to trendsetter edward tricomi and he told me the future is all about color. his first predicted trend, smash coloring. >> you smash the color into the hair. squish it through and leave it on. it's sort of like a finger painting. >> reporter: now if this look isn't for you try this next style, chalking, using chalk you can buy at any art store, wet the color of your choice and apply the strands you want to highlight. >> it's temporary. you put it in your hair and wear it for the night and take it right out. >> reporter: just be sure on that day you don't get caught in the rain.
8:35 am
>> are you convinced. >> i am convinced. we have some lovely models from our audience here. >> we do. you actually helped put these in my hair and the feathers and chalking and can you double up? is that allowed, chalking and feathers. >> yes, why not. whatever is trendy right now. >> what do you like about it? >> i like it because you can color your hair without actually having to get out the dye and stuff. >> how long do you think this will last? >> forever. why not. it's awesome. >> i think the girls look good. you can go subtle. you can go not so subtle like me. >> i like all the differences. >> yes. >> people who like t fish, it's making the prices go up. >> yes, for all the men out there who change the channel, surprise to you because the price of feathers has gun up for fishermen who need it, they're seeing a price spike, as well. >> lady, thank you very much. bianna, looking good. >> i think i'm going to take
8:36 am
them out. >> let's get to sam and his super secret location. it's beautiful i know where you are, sam. good morning. >> oh, robin. now you know to look good all you have to do is raid the tackle box. i feel so good that learned that little bit. to the board, one or two things going on we want to talk about. we're going to show you your twitter pictures because they are alive and many have guessed our super secret location. some are nowhere near close. sweetwater, texas, a dust devil forming in the background and water picture from michigan, as well. keep sending us the pictures. here's what's going on in the world today. the brief break of hot weather into the northeast and mid-atlantic is about to go away. by friday new york is back into the 90s, d.c., 100. philly, in the 90s starting on thursday. the cool weather, we just don't see it breaking for at least 30, 60 days now on the west coast, just no trend that is going to slam that. but there may be a situation brewing, a tropical situation that moves into the gulf that
8:37 am
we'll watch very closely that could trigger the end to a drought and make big changes in the temperature. the big heat in the deep south. we hope it doesn't come at the price of a tropical system so watch that closely for you. not as humid today but lots sunshine, upper 80's 2 lorton 90's and tonight will be in the 60's and tomorrow a bit warmer and more humid. >> all of that weather was brought to you by petsmart. robin, i'll see you tomorrow right there in times square. >> miss you, sam. travel safe and our beautiful audience here, they all traveled here and they got a great deal. feathering and things like that. do you want a great deal when you hit the road for your summer travel plans? tory johnson is here. she's got some deals only for our "gma" viewers. you do not want to miss it so
8:38 am
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we are back with our deal magician tory johnson. she's getting bargains for you
8:41 am
getting ready for vacation, splurging for a last-minute getaway. some good stuff today, tory. let's ststt out. a little tent coming up. >> yes, so coleman, the king of the tent, what's really great about this, it comes in three sizes, four, six or eight people, last year more than 3 million people camped out in tents in national parks, there's a little joke around here some might like this in the backyard for the mother-in-law. >> is it really that easy. >> one minute up or down. we tested it around here. it works. regularly, $137, depending on what size you buy, the four, six or eight-person, today only, you'll save 45%, so it'll start at just $75. really good deal. aven and we've got the link on our website. got to be today. >> greenzone. >> this is the envy of the studio, everybody here is vying for this. so this is a 20-inch alloy
8:42 am
folding bike, seven-speed great for to you throw in the trunk. >> seven speed. >> yep, yep, seven speed. folds up like this in 30 seconds. folds up very quickly. light to carry. perfect for apartment dwellers plus this is the thing that you can have then all year round to help with commuting. really good deal, regularly $299. today only you can save 40%, so it's $179 for a pretty terrific bike. >> you have to act fast. boy, we see it right over there. looks pretty sturdy. >> very sturdy, easy to carry. we'll let you try it out after the show. kodak has their easyshare camera. in one button you can share photos or video on facebook, youtube through e-mail. really good camera and amazing deal, regularly $150. you'll save 60% today only and pay just 60 bucks and we have the link for you online. >> again, the idea here is you take the picture, you can send it immediately. >> that's right, once youlug
8:43 am
in, you can send imimdiately. >> fantastic. barnes & noble. >> we were just talking about this. >> if you have not yet brought this, look how light and simple it is. the all new nook, color nook. i didn't put it on because i wanted you to pay attention. yeah, i don't want to lose you just yet. >> you did for a second. >> i know i did. compatible with more than 2 million books, magazines, newspapers, great for especially the one you're holding whether for a kid or for a grandmother, the color version, e-mail, video, apps just really top of the line and a great incentive to buy it today because barnes & noble is giving "gma" viewers a special bonus, a card loaded with 100 barnes & noble classics for free. it's a $413 value, so to have all the clalaics in that one little place so whether it's "great expectations" "jane eyre," you can only access it online through the link on the "gma" website. really good deal. >> looking for that. this is for get aways. summer deal in jamaica.
8:44 am
>> the grand grill resort, for adults only. if you -- >> kids aren't allowed at all. >> not for this one. 16 or over. if you book today through friday, instead of the regular per person rate of 205 per person per night depending on the room you select, the accommodations you select, the "gma" deal is a 60% savings starting at just $82 per person per night again depending on the size room you select. all inclusive. this lodging, meal, entertainment, sports, really all inclusive. >> amazing deal and also on the website we link you some more deals that the kids can come along for for comparable savings. one more great hotel. >> snique away. >> top of the line four-star trip adviser hotel and some three of their examples, if you book today through friday for your trip for the next 90 days, regular rates at some of these
8:45 am
four-star hotels start at 159 but when you use the snique away deal, for many the starting price is $79 a fight for a four-star hotel. you really can't beat that. we've got the links and details for you on the website. >> most of you have to act today. special stuff on abc"gma." >> i have four bonus deals. one is shutterfly. make your own photo books from your travel,, 40% off, every single travel guide, we've got some natural spa products for your staycation if you decide you're not going anywhere. all of these you can find them at, the links, the codes. >> overwhelmed. get it all, tory johnson, thanks so much. when we come back, the summer's hottest toys, lara's
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
so becky worley has a pretty cool job. she actually gets paid to play with toys. but as does apparently josh. you know what, don't be jealous because she's doing it for you. you name it, she has picked out the best toys for summer. that is not distracting at all. check these toys out why i wrangle this child. roll 'em. >> ah, summer, it means hot stir crazy kids and parents desperate to find some toy or activity to distract them. first, sprinkler, the crazier,
8:49 am
the better. these two from melissa & doug are great for the littler ones. more ballistic models like the geyser blast may distract older kids. my little guys love to swim so these speedo goggles kept them giggle and made their eyes chlorine-free. floaties, the puddle jumpers are the best. they snap in the back, coast guard certified and they really work. next if you have access to a pool or a lake, check out the waboba extreme ball. it bounces on water. this would definitely keep a 10-year-old busy. it's made of some crazy space age polymers, it floats and only costs $11. now, a rousing ping-pong rivalry could shoe chew up summer downtime so i love this sportscraft anywhere cable set for just 15 bucks turn any table into a makeshift ping-pong
8:50 am
table. water toys for grown-ups are getting out of control. if the tow boat is out of your price range at $17,000, the gigantic inflatable climbing iceberg is a lot cheaper at $8,000. although the catalog that suggests it says maybe you should get an electric pump to blow it up. >> you don't get enough beer pong on land so port-o-pong lets you take it into the water. yeah. one water purchase for grown-ups that i really like is a waterproof camera. i found this model on amazon for just $162. you can go ten feet down with it and it takes great pics. finally a water slide. it's great for kids and grown-ups alike but here's my advice, don't spend a bunch. you'll lose the pegs. it'll tear. this is a one-season only purchase. second it's more fun if you have
8:51 am
a hill but you can build up speed if you lube up with sunscreen or how about this for back woods engineering, pam cooking spray. you like big hot buttered little boy. it's a little weird but it works. becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> we have help from the audience. robin is on a ping-pong hiatus. a great toy, affordable. ping-pong table. >> ooh, ooh, $14. you guysys get the net, these a you get to crush, let's go, elliott. >> nothing so good as ping-pong. >> i mean, honestly if you are enjoying yourself watching us play ping-pong -- we don't even have a -- >> just fits on any table.
8:52 am
>> this is a legitimate coffee table type. >> it really is. >> play with george. >> thank you. thank you very much.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
> a look at cryogenics and asked you to weigh in. would you freeze yourself after death? 8% of you said, yes, you'd do it. 77% no and 15% not sure. >> they're always overwhelming. >> this one i don't think is too surprising. >> a lot of people were saying, are you serious? are you seriously asking us this question? thanks a lot for watching today. follow us any time on twitter and facebook. also watch diane sawyer on "world news tonight." have a great day.
8:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
and good morning to you at 8:56. i m cynne simpson. baden with a look at traffic. 70, no problems on route 50. at the wilson bridge, that is a nice ride and 95 in springfield, everything is open and a new car is 95 in virginia northbound at the occoquan river bridge. we will be moving along the legion bridge with the of maryland tout tyson's. on 395 northbound, normal backup of springfield but no accidents to the pentagon and to the 14th street bridge. we are looking at a nice our day, 81 degrees at national airport. toperatures are in the 70's lower 80's.
8:58 am
high pressure moves off the coast and the wind is out of the today and the heat and will build back in across the area. as we move into the weekend, degrees for daytime highs today and lots of sunshine. on friday and saturday. the 2012 olympics in london begin one year from today. a ceremonial torch relay will in the canadian british embassy in washington, d.c. they will carry the torch along route that u.s. olympian, a guest appearance for the last mile. thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is next.
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